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For those looking for an alternative to Steam, there is the download manager EA Origin from Electronic Arts. That lets you play games on a digital basis without the need for a physical copy. If do you choose EA Origin, you will first need to download the application and manage your premium downloads. With Origin, it de-encrypts games, runs an installment, and launches the game. Games that use DRM licenses, or Digital Rights Management licenses, will require the same of Origin.

Along with the download, the app gives you patch updates and keeps you up to date. Before you choose this option; however, understand that you cannot download games here without keeping Origin because the DRM runs off the program. The cool thing is how 2011's Battlefield 3 was released exclusively on Origin through the PC. Origin's greatest flaw is how the download manager is limited to EA games alone. That makes it hard for the game to compete with big-name rivals like Steam.

Electronic Arts charges a low monthly fee for using this system, which is the equivalent of Xbox Live. Most PC gamers have complete and utter devotion to Steam, and if you want to replace Steam with a platform that has the same capabilities, you will be disappointed with EA Origin. The advantage to EA Origin is how you can download EA games without the inaccessibility of Steam. Origin wants to offer something more straightforward than what you get with Steam, and they have adopted a three-pronged approach. In a way, EA has chosen to do something more aligned with what Amazon adopted with its Prime membership.

When EA Origin first launched, they had 15 titles to choose from, and they promised to add more over time. Origin Access is an interesting feature that lets you have what is known as "Play First Trials." That means that you have time-limited games for the release of new titles. For example, Unravel was first offered through the Origin Access Trial. That means that all members could play the first two levels for up to ten hours. The final perk of EA Origin is how you receive a ten percent discount on all Origin purchases, which includes downloadable content and full games.

Unlike Amazon Prime, EA Origin has to work on the value to make the subscription worth it. While EA offers membership at a low monthly subscription, 15 games is not enough to make it worth it. You have more titles on some of the other gaming platforms. In addition, these titles are not even recent. For example, you have FIFA 15 and FIFA 16, but both of these titles have been out for a while. To conclude, EA Origin has potential, and it gives you access to great exclusives, but it still needs work.


  • Low Monthly Subscription Fee
  • Ten percent discount on all games purchased through Steam
  • Exclusives like Battlefield 3


  • Needs more titles to be worthwhile
  • Does not beat Steam or Amazon Prime
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